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Got insurance? Open the mail.

September 15, 2014

Did you select a health care plan through the Federal Marketplace? Opening your mail can save you money. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is working to resolve data matches issues before the next open enrollment period starts on November 15th.

When a consumer enrolls in a Qualified Healthcare Plan (QHP) on the Federal Marketplace, it uses the information the consumer provides to check eligibility for various types of financial assistance. The cost of the healthcare plan may be reduced through advance premium tax credits that lower the monthly premium payment and lower co-pays and deductibles that reduce out-of-pocket costs when visiting the doctor. These features make healthcare insurance more affordable.

For some consumers, the Federal Marketplace was not able to use automated processes during open enrollment to verify their income or citizenship status. To date, CMS has verified the information of nearly 1 million people. CMS is reaching out to the 115,000 people who have not yet responded to numerous requests for information. These 115,000 will lose their Federal Marketplace coverage on September 30, 2014. Check your mail. If you have a letter from CMS, open it and find out what you need to do stay covered.

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Good health is important and healthcare coverage is key for a healthy life. Take Action – Be Insured.